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Get Sexy Curves

Get Sexy Curves

Get That Sexy, Curvy Body That Men Desire... And Women Envy (Even If You Don't Have Discipline)

Curveattack Includes:

  • The exact sequencing and all the nuances behind building that sexy curvy body from scratch. 
  • Complete diet plans to support any of these 3 goals: Fat loss, Toning and Curving 
  • Easy to follow, short and yummy recipes to cook along with me in the video 
  • A fat loss diet for rapid fat loss while protecting your curves against shrinkage - handle with care or there won't be any jeans that are too tight left in your closet.
  • The toning diet for changing body composition, tightening every part in your body and accentuating curves while maintaining weight so that you get that natural, young & fit shape every woman loves seeing in the mirror.
  • Curving diet protects you against unwanted increase in body fat while rapidly building up noticeable curves so that your body shines in a bikini or at the beach. 
  • A traditional Mexican dish that most think makes you fat because it contains a lot of fat but in reality it is proven to BURN FAT.
  • You will know the exact proportions of macro nutrients but, even easier that that, a simple system of what EXACTLY your plates should look like!
  • The training that accentuates your curves and makes you more attractive. The more you do, the less likely you get to run into girls that are hotter than you are ;-)
  • Fun, short workouts with motivating music and me cheering you on. For beginners, 5-10 minutes is enough and pros do 20 minutes and up. Each of those targets specific body parts that you can quickly and easily find from the description.
  • Specific exercises that beautifully shape your legs and booty so that you can show them off wearing leggings, short pants or skirts.
  • Exercise Splits. This allows your curvy muscles the appropriate rest between sessions while still stimulating them with optimal intensity which saves you time and energy.
  • Exercise plans for all fitness levels: STEP UP (Beginner), FULL ON (Intermediate), TOTAL CURVING (Advanced)
  • If you're just starting from scratch, then the Step Up workouts are your ticket. And you can start with nothing, and quickly curve from there. 
  • FULL ON in high intensity for a well shaped, curvy-fit bikini body. This is where your good body becomes great and other people will definitely notice the change. 
  • TOTAL CURVING is super intense for growing exceptional curves that nobody can ignore. You decide how far you want to take it. 
  • The community feature keeps you on track and involved. We will there to support you through the process so that you can stick to it - and we will celebrate your success.
  • Motivating visual progress tracking shows you which materials you started using and which you have completed. 
  • You can take notes, print them out and share them. You can also use them as bookmarks. When you click on them later, that reopens the exact part of the lecture where you took the note. Taking notes and tracking your progress is how you master the information.
  • The members area is optimized and accessible through all major devices like mac and pc, iPhone, iPad, android phones and tablets and all major browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari . All you need is internet access. 
  • High production value and beautiful settings combined with great sound quality and well explained, motivating teaching style which also reflects in the beautiful design make the content fun to consume and learning easy.
  • The material is available to you 24/7 for a whole year. 
  • A beautiful and intuitive user interface along with descriptive titles of the lectures allows for fast and easy access. 
  • Everything is streamlined for fast progress. Progress proves to yourself that you can do it. That builds more confidence and motivation which makes it easier to stick to the plan. 

Course Structure

Section 1: CURVE ATTACK - The Program

Section 2: Fat Loss

Loose body fat fast. Careful: If you do this for too long, it will cost you curves!

Section 3: Toning

Keep your weight while you watch your body composition change to compact & shaped.

Section 4: Curving

This is the fuel your body needs to build some serious curves fast.

Section 5: EXERCISE

The Intro & Philosophy video explains you how to best use the different exercise levels. Below that you find information about how and why to warm up. Further down you get to actually do your workouts and that is always followed by a few minutes to cool down and stretching.

Section 6: Warm Up

Prevent injury and protect ligaments long term with a good pre-workout-warm-up.

Section 7: Step Up (Beginner - Intermediate)

Get your metabolism going for easier fat loss and start preparing your body for higher intensities.

Section 8: Full On (Intermediate - Advanced)

Get on the fast track to your goals by stimulating the right body parts intensely.

Section 9: Total Curving (Advanced - Crazy)

You are fit and working out consistently at least 3 times per week for over a year already? Great. Pick the workout that shapes the body parts you want to make fast gains in... and SWEAT!

Section 10: Cool Down

Bring your heart rate back down, longate your body, help release the toxic, muscle burning lactic acid and thereby also prevent soreness for the next day.

Section 11: BONUS

A spontanious, fun gym class plus a bunch of "forbidden" foods. Yummy!


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What can I say you ROCK!
show more Special thanks for all your positive energy. As you can see from all the girls in the morning you are a huge inspiration to us may God bless you with all wonderful things that will make your life complete. When I come in the morning to your workout classes I truly feel the spirit through you and Sometimes I close my eyes and just pray to God and give him thanks for the rest of my day and thanks for you for helping me get going with a smile on my face. What can I say you ROCK!
You have changed my life more than you will ever know
show more

Iv’e never met you in person but you have changed my life more than you will ever know. Thank you for everything you do!

A new wardrobe will be in order very soon
show more A new wardrobe will be in order very soon. Ten more pounds until my goal weight.  Bob, My husband says: "Thanks You Gia Fey" :)
I love my new BUTT
show more

I love my new BUTT! I didn’t know how much I changed since starting your classes until I saw this picture. It’s been worth all the pain! My husband says thank you.

You are an Inspiration!
show more

You are an Inspiration! 

Thanks for working with me. I really appreciate it…

Thanks Gia Fey for helping me ...
show more

3lbs down, 6lbs more to go for my goal weight….Then maybe another 5lbs for fun thanks Gia Fey for helping me in my “food, good bye alcohol journey”… Almost there baby, almost there!!!!!


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